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Welcome to PodNu Book Insights and Podcast! We provide the essence and interpretation of books for you on a weekly basis. We're there for those who don't have time to read, or for those who don't know which book to read and commit to. Hit www.podnu.com or search PodNu in the App Store to find out more. We're welcoming all readers to join us, and so grow together as people and as a community Books make lives better. PodNu is here to help a book help you.


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Welcome to PodNu Mystery Stories episodes! Here we have human legends, historical relics, scientific fantasy, religion, culture, etc., to expand your imagination and horizons, enjoy!


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Welcome to PodNu Tips episodes! Discover the essence of the book short and quickly, as a supplement to Books Episodes.



Explore our free and premium book insights. Whether you are looking for book recommendations on what to read, or you want book summaries to understand and experience the book without reading it, PodNu is the ideal app for you.



Use our advanced podcast finder to discover podcasts that match your interest. From Art and Health & Fitness podcasts to Education and Politics podcasts, you are sure to find new podcasts that will improve your life. Also, search podcasts by keyword and listen to your favorite podcasts, or podcasts that you’ll discover elsewhere.



Make use of an easy-to-use podcast player. Download episodes, speed up, favorite, use AirPlay, skip forward/backward and take total control of the podcast listening experience. Not only that, but all podcasts are of the highest quality allowing you to fully enjoy the content.



- PodNu book insight exclusive episodes. PodNu books episodes.

- PodNu mystery stories episodes.

- PodNu tips episodes.

- Unique insights into the world's most wonderful books.

- Help people with little time to decide which book to commit to and read through properly.

- Discover more with the podcasts search engine.

- Podcasts are categorized into numerous categories

- Search Podcasts by keyword

- Excellent sound quality

- Ad-free podcast & book app

- Background play

- Download/Offline play

- Handy podcast player features: fast forward/backward, go to next episode, favorite, AirPlay, speed up


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