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Frequently asked questions

What is WEILIAO.Series?

"WEILIAO.Series" is a series program that tells the story of the world, it found by Wei Yi Culture and Media AB, and launched in 2020. The categories of books we publish cover a wide range, such as Fiction, Non-fiction, History, Science, Technology, Computer, Astronomy, Geography, Music, and more.

E-books or paperback books?

This website is only for e-books selling, and the paperbacks are selling on Amazon.

How to join a VIP member?

We are developing a Podcast app called iNorra (iOS version currently), this is a set of application environment independent of "WEILIAO.Series" website, its main business is knowledge sharing, book review, and book interpretation. You only need to download and join the subscription, you can unlimited access to a variety of exciting content, not only that, in the iNorra app, you can also unlimited reading all the e-books of "WEILIAO.Series".

What is the difference between WEILIAO.Series and iNorra app?

WEILIAO.Series is a website, and its purpose is to sell "Weiliao series" of e-books.
iNorra is a Podcast app, it contains knowledge sharing, book review, and book interpretation and all WEILIAO.Series e-books.


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