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"Weiliao" is a series program that tells the story of the world, it created by Wei Yi Culture and Media AB, and launched in 2020. The content touches on history, science, technology, astronomy, geography, music, and more.


The book "The Civilization of Sumer" tells the historical story about Sumer. 


Sumer history and civilization can be considered as the greatest in the world, from culture to technology. The historical breakdown is so well connected which makes it to be so real. From the start of the civilization of the Sumerian is well connected to even today's world. Sumer was a country that was located in early Mesopotamia, widely known for its advancement in agriculture and economics. The rivers Tigris and Euphrates are the rivers largely known to have surrounded Mesopotamia and aided in providing the Sumerians with water for irrigation corrected through canals. It is through the silt deposited at the banks of these rivers that made the soils of this land to be the most fertile. The city-states lived in peaceful coexistence until they were conquered by King Sargon of Akkad. The cause of their easy defeat was due to lack of an army since they assumed that there existed no other tribes apart from the twelve city-states states that would disturb their peace. 


King Sargon of Akkad ruled until the coming of the Babylonians who defeated them due to lack of cooperation between the city-states despite them having a strong army at this moment. The Babylonians came with the Code of Hammurabi which now could be used all through Mesopotamia. 


Sumerians are known to be the greatest on the verge of globalization. Through their form of writing, known as Cuneiform, they were able to keep records of their farming as well as an advance on other matters such as mathematics, art, architecture as well as Astronomy. The Sumerians were able to subdivide a circle into 360 degrees where they came up with the clock system we use today. The min technological advancement that the Sumerians invented as well in their process of civilization was the wheel. This was first invented as an aid to pot making but later was used as chariot wheels used to ferry food supplements.


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The Civilization of Sumer

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