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"Weiliao" is a series program that tells the story of the world, it created by Wei Yi Culture and Media AB, and launched in 2020. The content touches on history, science, technology, astronomy, geography, music, and more.


This is a book of three lost prehistoric civilizations.

• The Lost Civilization of Atlantis, Atlantic Prehistoric Civilization

• The Lost Civilization of Mu, Pacific Prehistoric Civilization

• The Lost Civilization of Lemuria, Indian Ocean Prehistoric Civilization


The book " The Lost Civilization of Atlantis" tells the historical story about Atlantis. The book is based on the two dialogues of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, "Timaeus" and "Critias," and tells the ancient myths and history about Atlantis. For thousands of years, although many people reckon that Atlantis was only fiction, and it only exists in people's memories. However, after modern times, scientists and archaeologists have made more and more new discoveries, let us I believe that Atlantis may have existed. Although Atlantis sinks into the ocean only in one day and night, it may take thousands of years for Atlantis could come back again.


The book "The Lost Civilization of Mu" tells the historical story about the Mu. It is first introduced by Augustus Le Plongeon, who used the "Land of Mu". This remained a mythical concept without anyone else furthering the work of Augustus until James Churchward resurrected the historical story. the story tells us the Land of Mu disappeared and sank about 12,000 years ago like Atlantis, and The dispute over the existence of Mu will be continued.


The book "The Lost Civilization of Lemuria" tells a historical story about the Lemuria. The theory of the Lemuria continent was appeared by zoologist and biogeographer Philip Sclater, the purpose is to explain certain discontinuities in biogeography. It is said that the area of the land of the Lemuria continent extends horizontally from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, connecting India, Madagascar, and Australia, and there is an ancient Tamil civilization called Kumari Kandam on this land. The Lemuria hypothesis was once gaining some acceptance within the scientific community until the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift appeared.

The Lost Civilizations of Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria

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